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                   Nathaniel at birth. 4lbs 3ozs                                                           Nathaniel in the hospital, 2 mos Just over 8lbs        


                                                                                              Isaiah holding Nat in the hospital


Nat @ home, 3/12 mos Proud Brother and sisters(Isaiah, Angeleaha, and Ally)

Nat as of February 4 2008 almost 4 months old.

Weighing over 10 lbs.

Nathaniel was born at 37 weeks on October 6, 2007. He weighed just 4lbs, 3ozs. He was born with a condition called hydronephrosis. The NICU staff at St. Joseph's Health Centre began tests to discover what the cause of this condition was. It was thought that there was a blockage in the posterior urethral valves and a surgery at Sick Kids in Toronto would be necessary. He was sent home on a preventative antibiotic while Toronto was consulted.

On day 6 of being home he developed a rare blood infection and was admitted to the St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital in St. Thomas. Where he was treated on antibiotics for two weeks.

Once home again he was loved and spoiled by his Dad, myself and older siblings Isaiah (8), Angeleaha (5 1/2) and Alexzandriaha (2). On day 5 he went for his out-patient visit with his pediatric nephrologist. Upon a urine test it was discovered that the infection was indeed present and he was admitted to the Children's Hospital of Western Ontario.

On November 25 Nathaniel arrived at Sick Kids in Toronto. A surgical probe was performed after a circumcision. It was confimed that there was no blockage in the posterior urethral valve. While in Toronto he developed a blood clot in his leg due to the pick I.V.

Still with no definitive answers Nathaniel was transferred back to Children's in London. Further tests are planned and we hope to have answers soon. Nathaniel was released home on December 21, just in time for Christmas. He spent New Years eve in the hospital but has otherwise remained at home. To date we still do not know what is causing the hydronephrosis but hope with further tests to find a cause and a cure. Until we do he will remain on antibiotics and diruretics to prevent any further infections and damage to his kidneys.    


Updated Pictures 3-28-05

Updated Pictues 8-20-05
First Day Of School

Written by Joshua's mom...Janet

Joshua Stoney was admitted into Texas Children's Hospital back in Nov 2002. While he was not born a preemie, the preemie nursery unit was the only unit with an available bed. On his last day of being hospitalized, Project Angel Kisses was delivering their abundance of Christmas hats. We feared Josh's head was to big to wear a preemie hat, that he was given a beautiful afghan. Tucked inside his afghan was a little note saying that this afghan was made with love and prayers by Ms. Linda Sexton along with an email address. I waited a few weeks to contact Ms. Sexton via an ecard. I let Linda know how deeply touched I was to have been given such a personal gift from someone we had never met. I let her know that I was so blessed to have had the honor of receiving such kindness and that I would never be able to express my gratitude for her thoughtfulness. Personally I think I needed that afghan to gain some strength.

I would love for anyone and everyone who is a part of Project Angel Kisses to know what a wonderful association you are a part of. It will be my duty to teach and express to Joshua what true hearted kindness is. He will grow up knowing how loved he was even when he so little. He will be told how someone not knowing him prayed for him. I have a lifelong responsibility to explain all of this to him and I pray that he can carry this on into his own life and as well as hopefully instill these values into his children.

I am so fortunate to have come into contact with Project Angel Kisses and Ms. Sexton. I hope we can remain in contact in the future and maybe even meet so that she can hold this precious baby who received her special/talented gift.




"Here are quite a few photos of Iszabella when she was in the NICU . She was born 2 pounds 10 1/2 ounces, 15 inches long. She was born via emergency c section because her heart rate was continually decellerating, her fluid levels were dropping which is a sign of distress, and her movements were slowly. So thanks to the expertise of the doctors at Crouse Irving Memorial Hospital in Syracuse NY especially Dr Aubry and Dr baby girl was born alive. Rushed off to the NICU to be evaluated and was doing wonderfully. She never needed to be intubated. She needed to learn to suck, swallow, breathe and grow. She was a miracle for sure. Now she will be 2 years old on January 15th and is doing pretty well. She has a temper for sure, a natural born fighter. She has a slight case of asthma and other than being slow to grow she is doing pretty good. She is slow to develop verbally but is very bright. She will catch up soon I am hopeful. I want to thank Project Angel Kisses for thinking of us when she was born and sending so many thoughtful gifts. You are doing a wonderful thing for families. Many thanks.
Valerie and Jon


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