Sweet William's Angel Wrap


Original design by Gale Holden and dedicated by Gale to the memory of Barbara Snepp's first born son
 who became one of God's Tiny Angels on December 25,1970.


Original - Sweet William's Angel Wrap


Chain 65


Row 1: DC in 3rd chain from hook. DC across in all chains. Chain 3 and turn


Rows 2 to end: DC in all stitches across until desired length is obtained.


Single crochet around 3 sides, chain 2 and half double crochet or double  crochet around the 3 sides.


Fold into thirds and stitch the bottom closed.


Crochet any angel ornament that you enjoy making and stitch it on.


Attach a ribbon or crochet a tie.


Actually all you are doing is making a small blanket and takes no time at all to make!




Variation 1 :  from Barbara - Sweet William's Mom


I chain 66 instead of 65 and I increase/decrease the number of chained stitches in multiples of 2 depending on the width I desire. I also change the size of yarn and hooks. The main thing I've found is to use the softest baby yarn I can find,like Bernat Soft Baby or Baby Sport.


I call the stitch used in this variation Mother's Tears.


Row 1: SC in 2nd chain from hook and across. Ch 1 and turn.

Row 2: SC in 1st st, ch 1 and skip next stitch, sc in next stitch. Do this across.

Row 3: SC in 1st, (DC in skipped stitch in row below, sc)* repeat across, ch1, turn.

Repeat rows 2 and 3 using the row skipped stitch in the even rows for the DC.

End with Row 2, ch 1, turn

Last row SC across.


I single crochet around all four sides and then fasten off. I then crochet an edge around 3 sides, leaving the bottom edge until I am ready to fold into thirds and then crochet the bottom closed with the same edge pattern. I've also just left the bottom with no edge and sewn it shut. I sew the angel on and embellish the wrap as the Lord leads.



I've also made angels and sewn them on, but find that putting in contrasting colors like pictured in Variation 2 makes a very beautiful piece. When sewing on an angel,I sometimes make a matching one as the Lord leads and add a safety pin to itwith a note to the mom saying,


"This matching Angel was madeespecially for you by the mom of another Tiny Angel. You ma hang it up, wear itor just keep it as a token in memory of your own Tiny Angel.


Variation 2 -from Barbara - Sweet William's Mom


Add colors as desired. A really nice one is to crochet a contrasting color for the SC, ch1, SC rows as in the picture to the right.






Variation 3 - from Barbara Sweet William's Mom.


Here's the way the Variation 3 should read.No one's tried it but me, so it may still not be right. If you have a problem with it still, please let me know.


Crocheting a heart into the wrap.  DC =double crochet; MC= Main Color; CC = Contrasting Color


Chain 65

Rows 1 and 2:   In 3rd chain from hook DC and DC in all chains across just as you would for the Original pattern.


Row 3:   9 DC, change colors, 2 DC,change back to MC and DC across. Chain 2 and turn. (Be sure to hold yarn to back side of wrap. You can carry the MC yarn through, but be careful to keep it from showing through.)


Row 4:   DC in MC across to start  of heart. In stitch just before the 2 DC in CC in row below, change to CC and do 4 DC, change to MC and complete 8 DC in MC, chain 2 and turn.


Row 5:   7 DC in MC, change color,6 DC, change color back to MC and DC across.


Row 6:   DC in MC across to the heart. In stitch just before the 4 DC in CC in row below, change to CC and do 6 DC, change to MC and complete 6 DC in MC, chain 2 and turn.


Row 7:   5 DC in MC, change color,10 DC, change color back to MC and DC across.


Row 8:   DC in MC across to theheart. In stitch just before the 10 DC in CC in row below, change to CC and do 12 DC, change to MC and complete 4 DC in MC, chain 2 and turn.


Row 9:   4 DC in MC, change color,12 DC, change color back to MC and DC across. Chain 2 and turn.


Row 10: DC in MC across to the heart, DC in one more stitch in MC (the stitch will be just above the 12th stitch from therow below in the CC). Change to the CC color, 4 DC, change color back to MC, 2DC, change color 4 DC (cut about 2 inches of  the CC and make sure it is woven in), change back to MC and DC across. Chain 2 and turn


Rows 11 to end:   DC in MC,chaining 2 and turning at the end of each row, until desired length obtained.Finish as you would the original pattern, except it is not necessary to crochet and sew an angel on the wrap, though a very small one that fits inside theheart, would make an interesting variation. I trim and embellish as the Lord leads..



We've made this pattern several times, but it has not been proved by anyone else. We may have overlooked a mistake as we are so used to making this.
So if you find an error in the pattern PLEASE let us know so we can make the changes for the next person.

All designs and patterns are the personal property of Gale Holden and Barbara Snepp and/or items made from this pattern are not to be sold without written permission from us.

Anyone found in violation of theCoypright Laws and International Copyright Laws will be charged $10,000 per violation. Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.